Mercury reduction is considered a priority in the Great Lakes Region, and therefore the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has required that the City prepare a Mercury Minimization Plan specific to Fond du Lac.

The City of Fond du Lac will be planning outreach opportunities as part of this program. The specific types and numbers of outreaches will develop as the program develops and as the City collects feedback from interested members of the public.

During the development of the Mercury Minimization Plan the City has performed a number of outreach activities. These outreaches were intended to bring awareness of specific issues to people and organizations that could benefit from the information. Listed below you will find many of the outreaches that have been performed.

Dental Facility Survey
Medical Facility Survey
Industry Survey
School Survey
Fond du Lac County Dental Society Meeting (Presentation)
Presentation to Southern District of WWOA (Presentation)
General Public Informational Pamphlet
Medical Facility Informational Pamphlet
Industrial Informational Pamphlet
Amalgam Separator Code